Steel & Copper Garage Doors Paradise Valley, AZ

Are you looking for a rustic style garage door in Paradise Valley, AZ or do you want to save money on refinishing wood garage doors? A rustic steel or copper garage door is the perfect solution. These unique garage doors create a one of a kind look at an affordable price. A virtually maintenance free finish delivers peace of mind unlike real wood. With our in house construction you can rest assured these doors are built to last. We supply many different materials for you to choose from to overlay your garage door. This ensures your custom garage door will stand apart from all of your neighbors. Give us a call today to begin the process of designing your custom steel or copper garage door. 602-677-5510

Paradise Valley Custom Copper Garage Doors

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Copper Garage Door Construction

• ​Start with a 24 gauge commercial steel door.
• Overlay with steel or copper of your choice.​
• ​90 degree folds over the sides, top, and bottom.
• Secured with adhesive, screws and/or rivots.​

if you can imagine we can build it!

Steel Garage Door Finishes

• Pre-rusted steel sealed for long lasting rustic garage door finish.

• Stainless steel for long lasting modern garage door styling.

• Kynar coated steel for a garage door finish guaranteed for life.

• Copper with a solution for a turquoise finish or natural aged copper like a penny. One of a kind garage doors

Glendale, AZ Custom Garage Doors

Samples Of Our Rustic Garage Doors Paradise Valley, AZ